Sing. Dance. Act.

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"This is not just a job for me, it is a passion.  I have a philosophy regarding the arts: Respect for the art.  Respect for the individual.

Technique is important.  It is not ok to completely disregard the traditions and the skills that have been passed down through generations in the name of "fun".  Art is fun, but it is fun work.  There are so many things that can be learned from our predecessors, and so many things that can be further improved upon as we continue to expand our talents, bodies, and minds.

However, a technique will never be as important as the individuals studying and practicing the technique.  The arts are meant to expand the human experience; to emphasize and highlight the beauties and triumphs and the struggles and failures of humanity.  As an expansion of our humanity, the study of the arts should never outshine or overrule the human being attempting to master the arts.  The study of the arts should uplift each individual; should challenge each individual; should create relationships beyond the individual.  And therefore, by strengthening the individual and his or her relationships, the arts should strengthen humanity as a whole.

It is my goal and sincerest wish that as we interact together in an artistic setting that you will feel my passion for technical excellence in the arts, as well as the passions of our fabulous staff here at The Center.   Strong though they may be, these passions for excellence will never exceed our passions for the people we connect with in this industry.  May we continuously influence each other for the better!"

Halee Ballash

Founder, The Center