Sing. Dance. Act.


Things you

will find at

The Center

  • Quality dance, music, and theatre studio training equipped with an in-house performance space

  • Technical excellence

  • Artistic expression

  • Devotion to home and family

  • Performing arts for all ages, preferences, and experience levels

  • Educated and passionate staff

  • Budget-friendly pricing

  • Central location, close to everyone

  • Group classes

  • Private lessons

  • Sophisticated leveling systems designed to teach everyone at their own speed

  • Enrollment options for every schedule and phase of life

  • Space available for events, performances, businesses, parties, lessons, and more

  • DJ services and live entertainers for your special day

  • Frequent performance opportunities on and off site

  • Performance tours

  • Unique options for families in the facility, in the classroom, and on the stage

  • Commitment to strong values



A professional performer and instructor for 17 years with 24 years of overall industry experience, Halee has performed and trained with industry leaders such as HBO, Broadway Dance Center, Alvin Ailey New York, Hale Center Theatre, Ririe-Woodbury, Repertory Dance Theatre, ABC, FOX, Busch Gardens, Disney, and the Olympic Games. 


Her passion for teaching, performing, and people will be evident in your encounters with her.

Come and see what her experience, joy, professionalism,  and enthusiasm can do for you!

  • Streamlining the arts to provide everything you need in one location.

  • Respect for the art.

  • Respect for the individual.


Come Home to

The Center

More than a studio.

More than a theatre.

Space Rental Performance

"I can't.  I have rehearsal."  As artists, many of us have said these words.  As families and friends of artists, many of us have said goodbye to someone saying these words.


Our goal is to create something for everyone, even non-artists, so that families and friends can gather in one place and be fed by rich culture while still getting to see each other around a bit!


In addition to great exposure to the arts for the whole family on campus, we offer streamlined scheduling; class lengths edited scientifically over years of experience, in order to keep everyone healthy and get everyone home again as soon as possible.


We want The Center to be an extension of your home, not a replacement for it!


When Halee Young was sixteen years old she got a car for her birthday.  For a minute, she thought she was quite special; then she realized that she was given that car because her parents simply couldn't wait to stop being her taxi drivers!  In school she was involved in musicals.  She was dance company president.  She was head cheerleader. She was a student body officer.  She performed, taught, and toured with a private performing arts academy.  She trained with a ballet company six days a week.  She worked part-time jobs as a retail manager, a hostess, and a dance teacher.  She led a collegiate performing arts company.  She was accepted into and attended prestigious performing arts programs, camps, and clinics.  She did all of this while trying to stay active in church, school, social, and family affairs, meanwhile putting thousands of miles on that first car.


Years after her school days and several cars later, Halee, now has two children of her own and goes by the married name of Ballash (pronounced like the sound a sheep makes plus ‘lish’).  She states, “I would not trade the experiences and training that I had for the world; my resume is jam-packed with unique opportunities that trained me to be a well-rounded and versatile performer and person.”  But she still worries about how she can access the kind of training she had for her children without putting them at risk.


In her time as an instructor she has seen performers follow her same pathway, sometimes to their own detriment.  These fellow artists are always tired, occasionally their grades slip or they don't get the parts they wanted in productions because someone less talented than them, with better attendance or more perceived energy, gets the role.  These talented overachievers suffer physical injuries and emotional burnout.  They sometimes quit altogether or spend a lifetime devoted to an art just to “graduate” from it when they graduate from high school.  After her many roles, life experiences, and leadership opportunities on amateur, community, collegiate, and professional levels; and after several decades of exposure to the arts community as a whole; she finds it very hard to find the kind of versatility in training and performance that she received beyond stretching one's self too thin- and somehow surviving- the way she did.


“Needless to say, out of my experience an idea was born,” Halee Young Ballash says with a twinkle in her eye, “Wouldn't it be great if someone with my kind of experience in the arts, and my love and passion for technique and especially for people, could streamline the process for others?”  There is so much wasted time! Artists waste time driving from place to place.  Artists waste time “warming up” for the third time in a row.  Artists waste time spacing their choreography and blocking in a new venue.  Artists waste time sitting through dead time in rehearsals.  And as they waste so much time, they also waste money, they waste their health, and they waste energy.


So it's all here in one place: the arts experience of a lifetime, designed to nurture and inspire you and your family physically, mentally, and emotionally, at any age and at any level.  Come and stay a while.  Welcome to The Center for the Performing Arts; open for business in July, 2014.