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Class Descriptions

Information about the classes we love.  We provide you with technical and artistic descriptions of the courses currently offered, as well as dress codes, because we are awesome and so are you!  Classes of all varieties will be added as we grow.  Don't forget to check out our company descriptions as well.

All About Dress Codes!

Dress codes are important for safety, professionalism, and effective instruction; in order to provide you with the best training possible, we require appropriate hair styles and attire in all of our classes.  Shoe color is provided up front as a convenience to you so that our students can wear their practice shoes for performances.  A dance or gym bag is a must, especially for classes with combined techniques and multiple pairs of shoes.   Where possible, no jewelry should be worn to class (we make exceptions for new piercings, medical bracelets, etc.)  Underwear should not be visible; most dancewear is designed to be worn without regular underwear.  Please use your best judgment concerning modesty, keeping in mind that many of our classes are co-educational.  Dance attire is best worn fitted to keep everything covered and in place; this also facilitates correction of placement and lines.  Questions about any of this?  Just ask!

Little Big Girls


Where tutus, wands, and fairy princesses reign supreme!  We shamelessly cater to all things girly in this class for our little princesses.  We combine creative movement with ballet, jazz, and tap to round out the start of our girls' training.  Main goals:  to help them build their technical foundation and to teach them to love dance.


Dress Code:

  • Leotard, any color

  • Tights, any color

  • Canvas, split-soled ballet shoes, ballet pink

  • Mary Jane tap shoes, black

  • Hair: bun or ponytail- shorter hair should be secured off of face with ponytails, bobby pins, clips, or headbands

  • Top layers such as dance skirts, tops, shorts, and pants as well as tutus and hair bows are all allowed but not required

Little Big Boys


Lately, boys have been making their presence in the dance world known.  However, they are often forced to begin their technical training late due to a saturation of tutus and fairy princess wands in the early phases of training at a typical dance studio.


Welcome to The Center!  We start our boys young with a mixture of hip-hop, jazz, tap, creative movement, martial arts, and sports.  No girls aloud!


Dress Code:

  • Comfortably fitting athletic shorts or pants, any color

  • Fitted t-shirts or muscle shirts, any color

  • Socks

  • Sneakers, black

  • Tap shoes, black

  • Jazz or ballet shoes, black

  • Hair: out of eyes and off of face and neck

  • Hats are allowed but not required

Little Big Kids Performing Arts Combo


An introduction to all things dance, acting, and singing for our littlest performers. Creative movement, tap, ballet, sing-along songs, music theory, speech and storytelling activities are combined in this jam-packed 45-minute class designed to keep our Little Big Kids engaged and excited as they learn. We focus on teaching the fundamentals of performing arts technique and nurturing our LBKs as they gain an understanding of the classroom format, and especially as they increase their love for the arts.


Dress Code:




•Fitted dancewear, any color: leotards, tights or socks, leggings, tank tops, dance skirts, tutus, dance shorts, dance or athletic pants (not too baggy, off the floor)

•Canvas, split-soled ballet shoes, ballet pink

•Mary Jane tie or buckle tap shoes, black

•Hair: out of eyes and off of face and neck




•Fitted dancewear, any color: athletic shorts, fitted t-shirts, muscle shirts, dance or athletic pants (not too baggy, off the floor), socks

•Lace up or neoprene/elastic insert tap shoes, black

•Jazz or ballet shoes, black

•Hair: out of eyes and off of face and neck



So your kids won't stop flipping and rolling all over your house?  Send them here to burn some of that extra energy while developing coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility.  We can't promise you we will send them home completely exhausted, but we will try!


Dress Code:

  • Girls: leotard and shorts or unitard any color

  • Boys: athletic shorts layered with under armor/bike shorts or athletic pants that do not touch the floor

  • Fitted t-shirts or tanks

  • Sneakers

  • Hair: off of face and neck, ponytail or braid- no metal or plastic hair accessories


Ballet, Pre-Pointe, and Pointe


Ballet training consists of barre, centre, and floor work and has been developed over centuries to train muscle memory, technical skill, grace, strength, and alignment.  Widely considered to be the foundation of dance, ballet training is taken very seriously at The Center.  Our ballet teachers, like those of our other techniques, have and provide the best training available.


At The Center, pre-pointe students study alongside beginning pointe students so that they can learn what will be required of them as they move on to dancing "en pointe" (on point).  Each individual pre-pointe dancer will then move to pointe shoes when her body and strength are developed enough to do so; the timing is different for each dancer. 


Pointe dancing is an extension of the leg line all the way on to the tips of the toes.  From being placed in their first pair of pointe shoes through continuing their growth en pointe; pointe training is a milestone and a privilege for advanced dancers that is readily available at The Center.


Dress Code:

  • Leotard, color determined by class

  • Tights, ballet pink

  • Ballet shoes, canvas, ballet pink, split-soled flats

  • Pointe shoes upon instructor approval (detailed instructions for the purchase of pointe shoes will be provided to students on a need-to-know basis.)

  • Hair: bun and/or secured to head off of face and neck

  • Top layers such as dance skirts and warmup attire are occasionally allowed but not required



From old movies, to the latest styles and trends, tap dancing is a unique form of dance that has held its own through the test of time.  Dancers trained in tap will improve their rhythm, timing, musicality, balance, weight transfer, and more.


Dress Code:

  • Comfortable dance and/or athletic wear

  • Tap shoes, black

  • Hair: out of eyes and off of face and neck





Invented on the streets and perfected in the studio, hip-hop is the movement of our youth.  Dancers trained in hip-hop will get a great workout while learning to control and contort their bodies into serious movement machines; all while gaining strength, musicality, stage presence, and a capacity for quick adaptation to choreography.


Dress Code:

  • Comfortable dance and/or athletic wear

  • Sneakers, black

  • Hair: out of eyes and off of face and neck



Contemporary dance is in constant evolution.  Rooted in modern dance, ballet, and jazz, it is a fusion of emotion and artistic expression.  One of contemporary's many highlights is its capacity to make dance more human and accessible, while still maintaining a beauty which can only truly be accessed through technical training.  Improvisational skills and creativity will be stretched and built in the creative, free-flowing, environment of a contemporary dance class.


Dress Code:

  • Fitted dancewear

  • Contemporary shoes: foot thongs, foot undies, or paws, flesh toned

  • Hair: out of eyes and off of face and neck

  • Top layers such as flowing tops and skirts are permitted but may need to be removed at teacher's discretion



Hard-hitting and strong, jazz dancing is a form of dance designed to pop on stage.  Usually performed to upbeat music, audiences will want to dance along.  Jazz technique is based on ballet, but with some definite twists to keep it current and give it attitude.

Dress Code:

  • Fitted dancewear

  • Jazz shoes, black

  • Hair: out of eyes and off of face and neck

  • Top layers such as warmups and cute tops are permitted but may need to be removed at teacher's discretion

Combo and Company Classes


Any combination of the above techniques as listed in the class description or, if there are no specifically listed techniques... then the sky is the limit!  Combo classes will often combine similar techniques alternating between them from week to week or for sections of the class.  Combos are also a great way to get dance, acting, and voice training in one place.  We touch on all of the performing arts in our non-specified combo classes.

Our teachers  reserve the right to request certain attire for a certain day (for example company members may be asked to wear their company warmups or a combo class may be instructed to come dressed for ballet). But unless otherwise noted, dress according to the Combo/Company Dress Code below.


Dress Code:

  • Comfortable, layered, dance and/or athletic wear

  • Shoes for all occasions (just bring what you have)

  • Hair: out of eyes and off of face and neck



All ages, all styles.  We offer private voice lessons catered to you and your needs.  We also offer group voice classes focusing on tone, pitch, technique, strength, dynamics, music theory, and more.  Vocal instruction is included as part of our performance companies and at our workshops.  If you love to sing, but want to improve your instrument, confidence, and stage presence, then this is the place for you.




Stage and screen; we have ways to hone your talents as an actor at any level.  Private instruction is currently available, a great way to prepare a monologue for an audition and more.  Group acting classes focus on stage presence, diction, enunciation, improvisation, projection, character development, theater history, and more.  Acting instruction is also available via our awesome workshops and in our performance companies.


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