Sing. Dance. Act.

All of us at The Center

Thank you for considering a donation in support of the arts at The Center.


Your donation will be used to fund costumes, classroom materials, stage equipment, touring opportunities, advertising, facilities, and more at The Center for the Performing Arts. From our Little Big Kids to our grownup Inspire and Express Companies, you are quite literally contributing to the the performing arts education of people of all ages.


By donating to The Center, you are helping us help others dream big.

Express Co.

Express Co. Specific Donations!


Our Express Collaborative Arts Company serves our community and helps women build healthy bodies and lasting friendships. Your support for them is supremely appreciated! If you are purchasing an item for a silent auction or donating to another charitable cause or fundraiser supported by Express Co., please be sure and add a detailed note describing the item purchased, intended recipient or use of the funds, etc. Again, we thank you for supporting the goals and dreams of these incredible women.