Sing. Dance. Act.

"All by myse-e-elf..."

Private lessons are a great solution for:


  • Beginners who want to build their foundation before hitting the classroom

  • Committed performers who want to be the best they can be

  • Competition or audition preparation

  • Weddings or special occasions

  • Anyone who has a unique plan in mind for their training


The list goes on and on.  Anyone can benefit from the one on one training received in private lessons.  Talk to us about designing a curriculum that is perfect for you.


Currently offering instruction in

various styles of dance, vocal, and theatre arts.

Introductory to advanced levels.

Audition preparations, recordings,

and choreography available.






Online registration for private lessons is now available!

Follow these steps to get started:

  • Click "Student and Parent Portal" at the top of our website or click the chalk button that says "Click Here to Register".

  • Create an account or log in.

  • Click on "More" in the top menu.

  • Scroll down to "Private Lessons & Appointments" in the drop-down menu.

  • Read through the menu of lessons available and choose what fits best for you.

  • Click the orange "Schedule" button to the right of your chosen lesson.

  • Select the student for whom the lesson will be scheduled. (You can add a student under "Account>Students". If you are scheduling 2, 3 or 4 students and the lesson will be charged to just one account, choose one student and schedule the lesson in their name.)

  • Use the calendar to select a date.

  • If there are appointment times available, select an appointment time that works for you. If there is not an available time, try a different day or a different lesson length.

If you need to schedule lessons with any of the following special requirements, please contact our office via email at and we can assist you:

  • The lesson is for 2, 3 or 4 students and needs to be split between accounts for payment.

  • The lesson is for 5 students or more.

  • The lesson is going to happen every week at the same time.

  • The lesson length you desire is not listed in the menu.

  • The lesson will be held off-campus.

Private Lesson Rates:

One hour or less per week: $50/Hour

More than one hour per week: $45/Hour