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Space Rental

It is time to get started here at The Center.  Are you an instructor in need of rehearsal or performance space?  Do you have an event coming up for which you need awesome spaces and/or people?  The great news is that everything here is brand spanking new and ready for you to use.  Photos and information regarding our beautiful spaces and awesome hosted events are forthcoming.  Stay tuned!

Our rehearsal, lobby, and performance spaces are available for you to sink your teeth into!  We simply can't wait.  Can you?

We can provide entertainers, DJ services, and more.  Contact us and let us know how we can help your event truly stand out.


DJ&MC Services

Off-campus DJ&MC services are priced as follows:


$195 - 1 Hour or Less

$295 - 2 Hours

$395 - 3 Hours

$495 - 4 Hours

$595 - 5 Hours


Purchase DJ&MC services with your on-campus event at The Center, and save!


On-campus DJ&MC services are priced as follows:


$100 - 1 Hour or Less

$175 - 2 Hours

$250 - 3 Hours

$325 - 4 Hours

$400 - 5 Hours


Other lengths can be negotiated.  In addition to your purchased DJ&MC time, prior to the event you will receive planning and consultation, acquistion of special request musical tracks by our staff, and set up.  Following the event we will take down and pack away our equipment.  50% of payment is due in order to reserve the date.  50% is due after services are rendered.


Can't decide between a wedding singer and a DJ?  Why not hire a singing DJ?!  Need dancers, actors, or variety acts to make your event stand out for years to come?  Let us know how we can help.  The possibilities are endless when you partner with The Center to make your special day incredible.


(can be added on to the basic rental, subject to availability, quoted on a case-by-case basis) 

Spaces, Equipment, and Great People!

Full Space Rental Details

*$250 per day plus a $300 refundable deposit



  • Access to all communal spaces inside The Center

  • Plug in to our sound system via auxiliary cable

  • Basic on/off room lighting (dimmers in Turquoise Studio)

  • Use of a few tables and approximately 100 chairs

  • Spaces clean before you arrive

  • Cleaning checklist for post event cleanup


Does Not Include

  • Access to one storage closet and two private offices

  • Post event cleaning services.

  • Other extras like DJ Services, MC Services, Live Performers, Lighting Packages, Video/Image Projection, Drapery Packages.


Due Dates

  • The $300 deposit is due in full in order to reserve the date for a full space rental. Deposit is forfeited in case of cancellation without proper notice (see our cancellation policy) or in case of repairs or cleaning necessary to restore the property to its prior condition.  The complete space rental fee is due 24 hours prior to the start of the event.  Fees and due dates for extras are quoted on a case by case basis.


(See pricing for extra services and post event cleaning below.)

Our Spaces

Warehouse Theatre

Approximately 30x40 foot warehouse with a wall of mirrors, raised, black marley dance floors, dance barres, 20 foot industrial ceilings, door to hallway/lobby area, and  freight-size garage door along with man door both with access to back lot.

Event Hall

Approximately 28x24 foot carpeted space with industrial carpet flooring, wall of mirrors and windows including a pass-through window from the prep kitchen, wall of painted bricks and windows, white photo-friendly matte paint wall with glass French doors to lobby, and 10 foot ceilings.


24 foot deep receiving area with our signature giant customizable chalkboard wall, colorful front desk, Chinese lantern lighting, and 10 foot ceilings.

Turquoise Studio

Approximately 16x16 foot small studio space with dimmer lights, viewing window to lobby, turquoise paint, wall of mirrors, raised, black marley dance floors, dance barres, and 10 foot ceilings.

Kids and Family Room

Approximately 9x9 foot space with glass French doors to lobby, industrial carpet flooring, 10 foot ceilings, TV, Blu-ray player, and optional toys and/or Lego table.

Prep Kitchen

Approximately 14x16 foot prep space including sink, dishwasher, countertops, microwave, optional toaster oven, and refrigerator.  Space inside of appliances may be limited and is not guaranteed. This space also features doorways into the turquoise studio and the main hallway, along with a pass-through window to the Event Hall.


Two large, unisex, handicap accessible restrooms off the main hallway.

Private Offices/Music Studios

12x12 spaces with desks and/or piano keyboards.


Rental Cancellation Policy


Cancellation: canceling anytime up to 30 days prior to your event or within 3 days of booking your event.

Late Cancellation: canceling 30 days up to 7 days before your event.

No Show: canceling with less than 7 days to your event or not showing up for your event.



Any cancellation by the renter must be received via email to


The Center’s obligation to make the facility available will be relieved if anything outside of its control prevents the facility from being available at the date and time scheduled for the event.  This includes such occurrences as natural disaster, fire, destruction, war, governmental order, quarantine and administrative evacuation (i.e. bomb threats) or other forces or events outside of The Center’s control.  If such occurs, The Center will refund the renter’s deposit and fee already paid in full, but will have no other liability due to such cancellation or unavailability of the use of its facility.


The Center Cancellation Fee Structure:


(For all venues and spaces)


•Cancellation Fee: $0.00

•Late Cancellation Fee: 50% of Original Rental Fees

•No Show Fee: 100% of Original Rental Fees