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"I want to thank you for accepting E. as a student and teaching her.  She really enjoys the time with you and I can see the results in her.  Thank you for the encouragement and correction which she takes to heart.  And I so appreciate your generous heart in working with our youth, investing in their future and your positive example to them.


T. "



Thanks for sharing with us!

"What a blessing you have been to us!  M. was really struggling to be who she wanted in dance, and your support, faith in her and your amazing ability to teach has brought her so much joy this year.  You have also improved her "internal dialog."  It just makes us happy to see her so happy.  You are a wonderful teacher, and exactly the kind of role model I want in her life.  You have given her the change she was looking for and your encouragement of her has been invaluable.  Thank you for all you do!


H., N., & M."

"The owner of this Center, Halee Ballash, is a colleague and friend of mine. She is an amazing and very competent teacher... who cares not only about proficiency, but also about the lives and feelings of her students. I have seen students under her instruction make huge progress in both technique and confidence in relatively short amounts of time. I am an award-winning choreographer and instructor myself, and I would send my only daughter to be taught by Halee without hesitation if she still lived near me. If you are looking for moral and fun, yet extremely qualified instruction in the Arts, stop looking now and sign up here. You will not be disappointed."

Dahnelle Reynolds

Choreographer and Instructor

The Dance Company Inc.

"Thank you for being such a great teacher and patient with A.  We appreciate your guidance and support with her pains/strains.


A., S., and W."

"Just wanted to let you know that K. enjoyed the private session with you.  I also wanted to let you know that I was impressed by your professionalism.  You seemed very understanding and knowledgeable regarding our concerns, needs, expectations, etc.  The notes you sent after the session were very nicely done.  Kudos to you!


Thank you,



"Thank you so much for sharing your time with M. and A. over the last few months.  You have such a wonderful gift not only in your knowledge of dance, but your ability to encourage these young girls to work hard and think positive about themselves.  I feel sure we will be back for some one-on-one in order to polish moves and get those great tips that you offer when they are feeling discouraged.  It has been a blessing to meet you this year in classes and in private lessons.  My girls think the world of you.


Thanks again-


A. A. and M."

"It has been my pleasure to work with Halee both as a performer and as a dance teacher/choreographer for my daughter. She is a wonderful "triple threat" performer in her own right, and communicates the joy of performing as well as her expertise in a fun way that kids really respond well to. Highest recommendation!"

Gianna Gimenez

Music Director

Lyrique Music Productions

Gianna Gimenez Studio


"I wanted to let you know what a nice letter Halee sent with her group selection. This is what I try to tell K. everytime there is an audition and especially when she doesn't make a group.  Hopefully comments from someone else will bear a little more weight than from mom.  K. was very excited after the tryouts.  She loved Halee, the song is her favorite and all the ideas for the dance.  I have to say she came out saying she had FUN which was so nice to hear.  I don't know Halee but I want to let you all know that I have been impressed.  And please know that it isn't just because K. made the group. :)



"You may have already heard, but I wanted to let you know that S. did make the school dance team.  I appreciate all of your hard work to help her prepare.  As she stretches, practices her new routines, etc., I hear a lot of "Ms. Halee said...". She really learned a lot from you!  Thanks again!



"I have known Halee for many years and adore her contagious spirit and warm personality!  I was a student of Halee's before I became an instructor myself. She not only teaches quality dance technique, but encourages and embraces each student and their different learning abilities.  She is kind and professional in each situation.  I look up to Halee in many different aspects of my life. Knowing her has been such a positive influence in my life.  She shines in this profession, come see for yourself!  The Center for the Performing Arts is the place to be- hands down!"

Andrea Heiser

Instructor and Choreographer

The Dance Studio